Tom Jepson Memorial Award

The Tom Jepson Memorial Award is presented to honour Tom who was a long-time and dedicated member of the AMHL. He joined the league in the 70s and loved his time as a member. He was a family doctor for many of the players and on several occasions was known to drive to his office after a game and stitch up a player or two. This award is given annually to a player in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the Ancaster Men’s Hockey League. Their commitment and dedication truly make a positive difference in the League.

Tom Jepson Award

1994 Mike Galama1995 John Mason1996 John Mason
1997 Frank Vormittag1998 Eldon Bull1999 Dave Moulden
2000 Rod Monkman2001 Ken Moulden & Greg Best2002 Ken Moulden
2003 Dan Karschti2004 Rob McCrory2005 Bruce Doidge
2006 Bev Hastie2007 Tony Valaitis2008 Randy Little
2009 Arash Rahimian2010 Bill Pazaratz2011 Clarence Baker
2012 Jason Stafford2013 Rob McCrory2014 Bill Pazaratz & Dan Sephton
2019 Heather Bull2020 Bruce Doidge2022 Bruce Doidge
2023 Dale Bott2024 Rick Walker

Joel Hulsman Memorial Award

The Joel Hulsman Memorial Award is presented in honour of Joel who was an outstanding citizen, sportsman, and goalie. He played in the AMHL for many years. He was a team leader and graciously gave of his time to help others in need. He would be honoured to have this “Ancaster Men’s Hockey Goalie of the Year Award” presented in his name. This is given annually to the goalie who consistently shows sportsmanship, dedication, dependability, and positive team spirit.

Joel Hulsman Award

2023 Darren Drury2024 Bill Boyer