The Ancaster Men’s Hockey League is for players who want to play clean, competitive hockey with other guys who also have to go to work the next day.

Written: April 1984
Revised: August 1989, April 1991, August 1993, January 2003, January 2018

Content of Constitution

  1. Purpose of Constitution
  2. The Ancaster Men’s Hockey League
  3. Membership
  4. League Executive (Members, Duties, Responsibilities)
  5. Team Reps and Other Volunteers
  6. League and Team Formation
  7. League Rules and Regulations

1. Purpose of Constitution

The constitution depicts the rules by which the Ancaster Men’s Hockey League (AMHL) will operate and the restrictions, powers, and duties of its Executive. The constitution will be used to help promote, supervise, conduct, and control the operation of the league.

2. The Ancaster Mens Hockey League (AMHL)

The AMHL was founded in 1977 for a safe place for aging hockey players in the Ancaster Area to enjoy the game they love. The League is run by volunteer members. It includes some 130 + full-time members and another 80+ part-time spares. The League currently operates with two divisions of six teams based on age and skill.

3. Membership

Any person who has paid the required annual fee for that year will be deemed a member for that year. Failure to make payments at the prescribed times will result in a forfeiture of membership.

The Executive will endeavor to admit Ancaster residents when openings arise. Priority will be given to members within the league to move divisions when spots are available (ie Junior to Senior division).

The League Executive reserves the right to expel any member whose conduct on or off the ice is deemed detrimental to the league.

A one-year leave of absence will be granted to any player requesting one by July 1st. The player will be replaced by a full-time spare for the season. If the player does not return to the league the next season his spot will be filled and he will be placed on the spare list. Any player, who is absent for an extended period of time due to an injury, will be given the first opportunity to re-enter the league. Refunds based on the number of games played will be given due to long-term injury or other extenuating circumstances.

4. League Executive (Members, Duties, Responsibilities)

a) Executive Members

The Executive shall consist of four full-time members: President, Vice-President (Junior Division), Vice-President (Senior Division), and Treasurer. The Past President will be asked to provide advice and guidance to the League Executive as required.

b) Executive Duties

  1. To manage the operation of the League as laid out by the League’s constitution.
  2. To set and administer league policies.
  3. To rule on matters not covered by the constitution.

c) Terms of office

  1. The League Executive will consist of volunteers from the current League membership and approval of the current Executive. If there is more than one candidate, the chosen candidate will be based on a vote with current Executive and current Team Reps. Priority will be for the League President to have prior experience as another Executive member.
  2. The President, Vice-Presidents, and Treasurer will run for a term of two years. No officer shall serve in the same capacity for more than two terms (max. 4 years) unless a suitable candidate can’t be found.
  3. Terms of office shall run from May1st to April 30th.

d) Voting Procedure

  1. A quorum will consist of 60% of the Executive.
  2. Each member of the Executive will have one vote and must be present to vote.
  3. A simple majority is necessary for passage of any league matter.
  4. Amendments to the constitution must be supported by 3/4 of the members.

e) Responsibilities

  1. The President
    • Preside at all meetings of the executive.
    • Call and arrange meetings of the executive.
    • Act as a spokesman for the league.
    • Act as second signing authority on all League cheques.
    • Arrange election of officers meeting.
    • Assign duties to Team reps.
    • Final arbiter of discipline.
  2. The Vice-President(s)
    • Oversee the operation of their Division (co-ordinate and communicate with teams reps, manage player draft, spare list, and player discipline).
    • Perform the duties of the President in his absence.
    • Assist the President in his functions.
    • Assign responsibilities for league stats and timekeepers.
    • Manage schedules and arrange uniforms for teams.
  3. The Treasurer
    • General Financial oversight.
    • Deposit all league money received in a chartered bank, trust company or credit union in the name of “Ancaster Men’s Hockey League”.
    • Authorize all League payments and provide first signature on all League cheques.
    • Prepare annual budget.
    • Prepare financial statement and bank reconciliation statement at year-end (April 30th) and in the interim as requested by the executive.
    • Arrange ice times with the City of Hamilton.
    • Arrange for liability insurance for the league.
    • Arrange for and co-ordinate referees.
  4. The Past President
    • To assist the new executive as required.

5. Team Reps and Other Volunteers

a) Team Reps

  • Team Reps are league members in good standing. League Executive oversee the selection/appointment of Team Reps with the intention of rotating Team Reps every 3 years.
  • Team reps act as a liasons between league executive and players.
  • Ensure league rules and by-laws are followed.
  • Ensure City Rink by-laws are followed.
  • Participate in the ranking of players and the drafting of teams.
  • Communicate game schedule and arrange for spares from spare list as required.
  • Aid in collecting league fees from players.
  • Participate in any disciplinary review as required.
  • Assist the executive by relaying information to their teams.
  • Perform any other duties the executive may bestow.
  • Notify the time-keeper of spares name and number.
  • Arrange uniforms for players.

b) Statistician/Website

  • League member in good standing.
  • Maintain team standings, player scoring and penalty statistics.
  • Manage the League Website:

c) Volunteer Compensation

  • League executive, team reps, statistician receive a 50% reduction from their annual fees.

6. League/Team Formation/Player Draft

a) League and Team Formation

The League is currently comprised of two divisions (Junior and Senior Division) of six teams each. Each of the 12 Teams is made up of 10 skaters and 1 goaltender.

b) Player Ratings

Every player (skater) in the league is rated on a scale of 1 to 10 by the Division V.P. and Division Team Reps (done separately for each division).

c) Draft Format

The draft will be held separately for each division using the following format.

  1. Each Team Rep is responsible for drafting his own team. Each team must include one goaltender and one player from each of the ten ratings (i.e. one #10 rated player, one #9 rated player etc) The Team Rep can decide the order to select his team.
  2. The draft order by round is as shown below: (eg. Team #1 drafts first in round #1, sixth in round #2, third in round #3, etc.).

Draft Order

Team #1   1-6-3-4-2-5-1-6-3-4-2
Team #2   2-5-1-6-3-4-2-5-1-6-3
Team #3   3-4-2-5-1-6-3-4-2-5-1
Team #4   4-3-6-1-5-2-4-3-6-1-5
Team #5   5-2-4-3-6-1-5-2-4-3-6
Team #6   6-1-5-2-4-3-6-1-5-2-4

7. League Rules And Regulations

a) The Game

  1. AMHL is governed by CAHA rules with a few exceptions as noted below.
  2. Prior to each game the teams will be given a two-minute warm up from the time the Zamboni leaves the ice surface. No extension is to be given. The clock shall start immediately after the warm up period.
  3. All regular season games will consist of 2 periods – the first is 20 minutes and the second period is 25 minutes. The last minute of the second period is to be stop time provided the score is not greater than two goals. The clock will continue to run if the difference in the score is three or more goals.
  4. Once the game has started the on ice officials have absolute control of the game and the clock. The clock can only be stopped or adjusted by the referee. Any decision made by the referees regarding the clock will be final.
  5. Lost time due to a late start, clock stoppage or injury may result in the second period of the hockey game being reduced in time. If the Arena staff needs to curfew the game early, the captains should be notified. The game will be considered final.
  6. No slap shots are allowed in the Senior Division only. If a player takes a slap shot the referee whistles and stops the play. There is no minor penalty however play resumes with a face-off in the shooter’s team defensive zone.
  7. The AMHL is a non-contact/no body check League.
  8. “Icing” the puck will be called from inside the defending teams blue line.
  9. There will be no stick or equipment measurements allowed.

b) Penalties/Suspensions

  1. AMHL is governed by CAHA rules.
  2. All minor penalties shall be two minutes in length from drop of puck. The team playing shorthanded must change players “on the fly” and not during face-offs to prevent unnecessary delay.
  3. Any player receiving three minor penalties in one game shall be suspended for the remainder of that game.
  4. Any player that accumulates twenty (20) minutes of penalties over the course of the regular season will be given a two game suspension. The player’s penalty minute total will be reduced to 10 minutes upon their return. If the player then accumulates an additional 10 minutes before the end of the regular season they will be suspended another 3 games and their return to the league will be reviewed by the Executive.
  5. Bench minor penalties do not add to the penalty minute total of the player who is serving the penalty. Ten-minute misconducts as well as game and gross misconducts will add two minutes to the player’s penalty total.
  6. Fighting majors will carry a game misconduct as well as the player’s suspension from the league for the remainder of the season. The possibility of the player returning for the next season will be reviewed by the executive. In the case where there is an obvious instigator of the fight, the player who did not instigate the fight may have his suspension reduced to a minimum of 5 games by the Executive.
  7. Any player deliberately attempting to injure another player will result in the player’s suspension from the league for the remainder of the season. The possibility of the player returning for the next season will be reviewed by the Executive.
  8. All Major, Match and Gross Misconduct penalties will be reviewed by the Executive and be subject to a minimum suspension based on the guidelines in the current OWHA Discipline Policy for Minimum Suspensions. Second infractions within a two year period will result in the minimum suspension being doubled. Any spare receiving a suspension under this rule will have the minimum suspension automatically doubled. In any case, the Executive may decide to suspend a player for the remainder of the season. The possibility of the player returning for the next season will be reviewed by the Executive.
  9. Any protest or appeal of suspensions must be made in writing and given to the president. The executive will discuss the protest or appeal and make a final decision. Protest or appeal must be made within 24 hours.

c) Sparing For Absent Players

  1. It is the responsibility of each player to notify his team rep if he is going to miss a game. Continuous failure to notify the team rep will result in a written warning from the League Executive and expulsion from the League if problem continues.
  2. Team reps must spare for all absent players. If a player fails to show up or cancels on short notice, a spare or full-time player of equal or lower rating may be used from another game provided the team rep from the opposing team has been notified and has given his approval. Team reps should agree to player provided player rating is legitimate. Every effort must be made to find a spare and if a replacement cannot be found, the team may play shorthanded. (Timekeeper needs to be notified by team reps and situation reviewed by executive. If this occurs on more than one occasion, team points can be deducted from shorthanded team).
  3. Spares are to be chosen from the spare list provided by the league with rated players. Players not on the spare list cannot be used. New players must be rated and added to the spare list of each team rep before they can play their first game. Some players have a specific rating for only 1 rating group and are to be used accordingly.
  4. Team reps should try not use the same spare two weeks in a row during the regular season. This rule must be followed with no exceptions during all playoff games.
  5. Over-sparing is not permitted. Teams must choose a spare of equal or lower rating.
  6. A full-time spare will be assigned to a team if the fulltime player is going to be away for an extended period of time.
  7. Teams breaking the rules regarding spares will result in the loss of points (if any won) for that game.

d) Playoffs

  1. Playoff format is to be decided by the Division VP, Division Team Reps and the Executive.
  2. All rules from the regular season remain the same except for noted below.
  3. The Championship games may consist of three, fifteen minute periods.(Ice time permitting and agreed to by both team reps) The third period will be stop time. There will be a flood between the second and third periods.
  4. Overtime in the championship games will be sudden death.
  5. Any ties at the end of the round robin will be broken using the following format.
    1. Team vs. team in that round
    2. Team with most wins in that round
    3. Team with greated goal differential (ie goals for minus goals against) in that round
    4. Team with most goals scored in that round
    5. Team with fewest goals against in that round
    6. Team vs. team in regular season
    7. Coin flip

e) Playoff Penalties

  1. All players penalty minute total will return to zero at the start of the playoffs.
  2. Any player who accumulates fourteen minutes in penalties will serve a one game suspension. If the player also received a similar suspension during the regular season the suspension will be 3 games. Total will then be reduced by 7 minutes.
  3. Misconduct penalties in the playoffs count as five minutes to the player’s penalty total.
  4. Fighting and gross misconducts will be handled the same as the regular season.

f) Playoff Sparing

  1. The spare list will be reviewed and revised if necessary by the Executive and Team Reps prior to the playoffs.
  2. Spares must be from the same group or lower.
  3. Spares for the championship games will be selected from the teams not participating on championship day. Spares must be from same rating group. No approval is needed but the executive should be notified.
  4. Violation of any of the spare rules for the playoffs will result in a 2-0 loss of that game if the opposition or any other team that feels they may be affected by the outcome of the game protests the game.