Senior Playoffs – 2024

Semifinals Finals

playoff Format

The 5 game round-robin playoff tournament runs from February 9 to March 8.

Semifinals will be on March 15. Seedings will be based on finish in the round-robin. 1st vs. 4th and 2nd vs. 3rd.

Semifinal losers will play a consolation game on March 22. Semifinal winners will play the finals on March 22.


Any ties at the end of the round-robin will be broken using the following format.

  1. Team vs. team in that round
  2. Team with most wins in that round
  3. Team with greater goal differential (ie goals for minus goals against) in that round
  4. Team with most goals scored in that round
  5. Team with fewest goals against in that round
  6. Team vs. team in the regular season
  7. Coin flip