Join the AMHL

If you wish to join our league or play as a spare you must register using this form. Currently, the league is full, but we always need spares. Full-time players are accepted from the spare list as required.

To follow the Ontario Government mandate and to ensure the safety of our players, player families, referees, and volunteers, the AMHL mandates that all players, referees, and timekeepers must be fully vaccinated to participate.

You must be 18+ to play in the junior division. You must be 40+ to play in the senior division.
Rating: 5
Players are rated 1 to 10. Top players are 1. Lowest are 10. If you played in the league before, please provide previous rating, if known.
If you know what your rating was, please include it here.
Anything else you think we should know? Times you can't play, etc.